Hi there~ 

1st of all thank you for reading my blog. People call me Chiaki, or Hamchoi (salted vegetable) because that is my favorite! Some said I will get high/hyper after ate hamchoi just like a kid who sugar high. Maybe...

I born at The Land Below The Wind -- Sabah, Malaysia. I love my hometown, although is an under developed state. My birthday, 7th June, a really 100% Gemini girl I am. Love draw, dance, photograph, fashion, craft, vintage, cook, Japan culture, and yoga. I love to make new friends.

I started dance since 6 years old, I never stop until today. I joined a little group called KKB88, a group formed with few members who love to dance too. We practice after office hours, gather at a corner. Costumes are design and sew by our own, together bright out on stage!

Cosplay is not a rare hobby anymore. I knew about cosplay when in secondary, joined cosplay in year 2008 after discovered such community in my hometown! I keep active every year and improving myself, even visit to other country~ 

Last but not least, I love Samoyed~


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