June 30, 2008


Today,let's try type English. Haha,i got brought some cupcake from my cousin's friend.
The cupcake he did is so so so sooooooo cute >_<
Love the creative decoration~

Here,6 from me~ haha! look yummy~
yeah,it really taste good,but too sweeeeet >x<"
Even my brother also tak tahan!

Feel wanna buy one too? Actually it got a lot of choises...But i'm not remember... erm,i know got cream... fruits...The price is depend on the ingredient. Whether you want fruit or the usual(like the above pictures)
He even make large cake such as party cake,birthday cake,valentine,full moon... Just tell him the theme,then he will deco for you.

Want to order or ask for more information? here you are:- 012-8232022 (Stone) 012-8302003(Sandra)

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