December 24, 2008

2008 PTS CAMP <从心出发> part 2

17 Dec -1st day

the title had appeared!
we gave all students a little heart to write their
first impression or feeling...

after the opening ceremony...

tada!!!!! the big heart was sticked by our Sifu!

its looked pretty~

this was our little note book
everyone had one....
the cover was blank
because we need all the students design their own

because purple t-shirt no stock!
so replace with green t-shirt...

me as photographer for four days...
aiz..... so tired run here and there!

18 Dec -2nd day

early morning me and another photographer
arranged the place for a group picture...

when got time,must got small meeting

after meeting

semua matai
cause of tiredness

and me

curi TIGER!!!

addicted to strawberry
yogurt TIGER!

and i have

this fly from Taiwan
gave by Sifu!
every worker had one~

lunch with SIfu~

then play games!!!
me so tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
run upstairs
here .... there.....
run whole the temple!
my foot..... pain...........

19 Dec -3rd day

early in the morning....
we have....


its so much fun~

at night....
is my busy time again....
cause was the last night...
also known as Lantern Night...
everyone would have a little candle in glass
everyone have to exchang with each other
and wish others at the same time~

all students have to perform too~
woow....they all were so great!

Throw your own stone(burden)
and have a clear soul....

all the participates

all the candle
we put on stage...

also have a
form 6 group XD


20 Dec -4th day

yay!!!! last day!!!!
me go back early cus later gonna
go to keningau

packed my bag...


hope next year the camp will be more

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