December 12, 2008


Finally,Hobbycon 08 can take a rest now.....
but everyone really have a great times in that two days!

look at those crowded...... is a good sign XD

and i had performance tu!
nice nice X)

this was our Maid booth
look at those sexy maids!
accept me la..... of course T___T
haha...... must be good to Master~
hai! goshoujin-sama XD

i love this pic~
look like couple ni XD
kidding la haha

H-Laws gila GG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the BEST cosplay group ni!!!
come again next year!!!!!!!!

cute MIKU!!!!!! so cute la XD
and the Kaito too!
too tall la XD

Tenma chan know how to draw ka????? me la.....
at the Doujin booth

Doujin group! yeah!

The top 5 Best Costume @ cosplayer!
well done everyone XD

last but not least....

The CSP yeah!

i am look forwards the next hobbycon 09!

and thanks to photograpers~

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