August 24, 2009

23 Aug 2009 (sunday)

finally got something special to share with everyone~

23 Aug blood donation
at wisma.
My stomach was empty,
so find something to eat first.

i went to 3rd(?) floor
the food court near Familiar.
i shocked! cus the food court not the same
as i always go during child.

me order from this stall

wan tan kon lao mee
and Dim Sum


then went to donate blood...

one of our pal faint
due she saw blood.

about 2pm...
me went to walk2 at Centre Point...

about 430pm went to karamunsing...

Reach home,
made dinner.

Vege + turkey ham
chicken + potatoes

yum yum~

went to Chester a.k.a Bakaneko
31st b'day~
also his gf Penny chan~~~ XD

dasaru macam mahu kencing LOL


kuagami n kev looked funny!!!

all the attendance.....

penny shoot shoot! XD

once again,

otanjoubi ometedou~~~~~