December 31, 2009

The End of 2009

Before say goodbye to 2009
i would like to
update all my lifes~

11 December 2009

yay~ rehearsal at citymall
for the coming Hobbycon 2009!
at the same time,
need to stay at temple
for the coming annual camp~

12 December 2009

the Day 1 for HOBBYCON 09
me as...

from Macross Frontier
with my beloved Ki-chan as
Sheryl Nome

thanks Chucky for this ^^

me even sing Seikan Hikou

==" punya sumbang~
but glad i entertained everyone!

went back to camp.

13 December 2009

the Day 2
me as....

from Ouran Host Club
also got my partner dearest Sakuya
as Honey-senpai

Having a big time during these
2 days HC09
wish the BESTER in future ^^

Then, went back to camp.

14 & 15 December 2009

HC09 over.

back to my camp XD

18 & 19 December 2009

Went toLabuan with some
of my bank workmates

was my first time to Labuan trip XD

too lazy to upload pics

Tired but fun!

20 December 2009

Cassey Birthday~
one of the clerk at office.
She invited me & Bernard to steambot at her house~
haha it was fun~

22 December 2009

Dinner with TDD members ^^
celebrated the success
of our 2009 Doujin!

27 December 2009

Beach Outing with MSJ members

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