March 7, 2010

AROUND THE NEW YEAR SEASON............. last month

26 Feb 2010

My previous boss, Mr. Wong invited me
to their Great Eastern Awards dinner.
He invited Bernard and me, but unfortunately
Bernard was sick so i went along with my sister.

Everyone was nicely dressed.
Also alot that like both of us, wore
whatevertosay plus both of us
haven't bathe yet O_O

haha, whatever....
most important was
got free invitation + FOOD

Here were the VIPs

While they 'sibuk' awarding
we 'sibuk' eating :)

Got 'No Body'
from WonderGirls
dance performance.

Went back at 10pm.


27 Feb 2010
Our Kasigui Temple
held an annual NEW YEAR Night~

This year me joined a drama
without dialogue
and my sister playing her chinese instrument
Gu Zheng~

Lucky her won a Hamper!
from the Guessing Sweets Contest!
with the correct answered 176 sweets~

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