May 26, 2010

Busy Weekend: Day 2

23 May
-sorry for late update-
eldest sis, bro n me
have appointment for the facial
Mellilia new branch
at KK Times Square

is a sunny sunday~

oyes, i love ss

gila banyak ppl oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it will be a St. Ella Spa at there
but that day opening so got offer
normal price RM200+
offer price RM99!

blue T was bro

me n sis mask ON

bro's hair all messy after the facial
and we realized
curly hair suit bro well

my face become cleaner and fairer


then Bernard fetch me
we went to city mall to buy the
anime ticket~
9 june 730pm
at 1B
must watch!

during back home
met an epic moment

i know this is not funny
can you imagine...
urea mix with glue
kencing sticky....

ok.... forget it...

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