May 20, 2010

My Cosplay Herstory

Inspired me from Ki-chan
and Sakuya blog...
all about their cosplay world.
After read their blogs,
made me think back
the year i started my 1st cosplay since 2008.

1st of all,
I'm super urber thank you to Sakuya
dearest one!
is she! introduced me to join the
At there, I can enjoy my hobbies
with others such as
dancing, drawing, watch anime and
also cosplay!
Past time me just view people's
cosplay photos through online.
But now, I can so called myself
a cosplayer *____*

My 1st cosplay,
as Tenma!

tell the truth,
I love stupid character!
thought im stupid also XDDDD

just a newbie...
everything blur....
just know i have to wear
as same as the charac i could,
also the style and attitude....


a little bit improvement...
got wig liao XD
i got 1...2....3...
about 6 wigs...
still ordering for more hahahaha!

Ouran Host Club...

and glad to have group~
i really wish our cosplay community
getting more n more....
so that we can have group cosplay~
keep waiting, while it is growing
slowly XD

more group, more dance...
more singing!

I not only want cos the charac, also wanna sing like
the charac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Ranka Lee~


I wish....
i can have more $$$$$$