July 11, 2010

PBB Training Day

ass Public Bank worker,
you must get the chance to go training
at Kuala Lumpur.
how many days, depend what course you been chosen.
ohyea, my course is for 2 days.
plus 1 traveling day which you need to
check-in at the ITTC one day before.
(ITTC=IT Training Centre)
This is my 1st time to training.
it was so FUN! not because of
FREE flight, FREE hostel, FREE meals, FREE taxi services.
is because i can make new FRIENDS~

at the 1st day, I already made 3 new friends
all from Sarawak! and 1 guy also from
Last time went to Kyanime! met alot nice
GILA nice Sarawakians,
not also the same~

1st night, they bring me to Jusco
for shopping~
I met a unexpected thing
oyes, it is in the FEMALE TOILET.
Some people said is for mummy who bring her
little boy for it.
but some said is for SHEMALE!
wrell, everyone got their points XD

yumm Ice-cream~
i ate this...


2nd day

is been awhile i dint attend to school/class
oyes my name~

that night
they bring me to Mid Valley!

and we dine there

Oyster Mee

Happy Chicken Rice
come with a drink

XXL Chicken

my 1st time took KTM

i kept hold tight my handbag
there really many Indians!!!!

3rd day morning

after class fly back KK
look forward for next training :)


  1. That urinal is indeed for mom who bring their kids to the restroom. Doubt any shemales would be able to benefit it, seeing that the urinal is really slow, they might do a messy job! Haha!

  2. ROFL! thanks for the description XD
    really surprised me cause at Sabah doesn't have such facility.... poor....