January 25, 2011

HAPPY CNY 2011!!!!!!!

Time past soooo fast..
i felt that i didn't do much at all in my life :/
likes the time past in meaningless...

but still,
we all always welcome the new year~
the RABBIT year!!!
probably is Hare.

while search for Rilakk pics,
randomly found this website:
Who Is Rilakkuma
after browse this website,
my love towards Rilakk deeper than before XD

dearest Rilakk, WHY YOU SO CUTE!!!

wish you all a happy chinese new year~


  1. oh gui, if u start collecting u faint to the collection. I has an umbrella and I'm gonna stop at that ;D

  2. omg massy, i dont want think about it to start collection! butul2 faint & pokkai!