September 7, 2011

KL Alone Trip :,D

Just a simple update my blog...
because it kinda rusty LOL
As usual, lazy to type lot...
but 1stly, big thank you for Sakura
who willing to let me stayed at her place :D
reach there at 27 August,
direct need to help Sakura sew this and that
for the next day HOTD shoot.
We just slept 3 hours...


me as Miyamoto Rei

thousand thank you to Sakura made the
costume for me!!!
and thanks all the 'zombies'
LOL!!!!!!!! and photog!


i shopping Sunway Pyramid
almost everyday!

haha Dai!
thanks for hang out with me!

and cute Sean~

shopping, eat, shopping, eat, eat, shopping
that was my routine activities during the
whole week.

Thank Raz for the awesome open house!
at Port Dickson!!!!


3 September
went to a awesome college

for EVA shoot
happy thanks to KC, Raz, n PK!
also gg awesome EVA group member!

so much love!

ok 4 Sept
packing time~
finally going back home!
cant wait to see him *kiss*

see what i brought
and i dont wanna know how much i spent oTL

bye~ KL
will back soon :3


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