December 22, 2011


The 5th Year Hobbycon!
date: 10-11 Dec 2011
venue: Suria Sabah

This year the venue place much bigger than last year
where at City Mall.

Day 1 me cosplay as Meiko from vocaloid,
scarlet from miku project diva.

But sadly got people said i cos Ada Wong
from Resident Evil???

We got all star march as open ceremony~
vocaloid group had a mini dance intro~

Then, we got AimiAimi from Japan performed for us.
She is a seiyuu also a singer.
Very friendly, but me no interest...

Next me dance performance..
"Change Me" by Meiko
for those who played project diva,
sure know this song~

time for cosplayer spot~

my dearest

dad also come support haha
funny part was he want meet Sakuya
I keep search for her, and walked twice here and there lol!

McD Girl

damm hot MEOW~

haha his favourite character~

Don't know her came back for year already~
and now she work as graphic designer~
so much jealous people that
really do with their own hobby.



day 2
Me as Maria from Arakawa Under The Bridge
with my partner as Sister.
Before picture, would like to show some
DIY for this cosplay

met our Hoshi HAHAHAAH

my another dearest, so gorgeous~

A board full with nostalgic photos
history hobbycon since 2007
so memorable...
miss the day so much...
When we all gather around....

Fara as cute Lan Mao

the judges
for group cosplay competition


This year Hobbycon was awesome!
I really enjoyed and happy to see alot
newbie cosplayers~
And thanks to my dear willing stay around with me.
tired but worth!
Can't wait for Hobbycon 2012!!!