January 2, 2012

2011 cosplay

1st row from left:
Mio album cover - K-On!
Sheryl Universal Bunny cover - Macross Frontier
Kagura Shinigami costume - Gintama
Nami - One Peace
Angol Moa - Keroro Gunsou
Asuka uniform - Evangelion

2nd row from left:
Asuka summer dress - Evangelion
Moka (inner form) - Rosario+Vampire
Rei - High School Of The Dead
Sanae-chan - Pop n' Music 18
Maria - Arakawa Under The Bridge
Meiko (scarlet) - Vocaloid project diva 2

3rd row
Youmu - Touhou Project

miss 1 picture... Nurse from Silent Hills which photog hasn't give pic....

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