April 13, 2012

New Work Place

I resigned from bank in January.
Luckily I met a nice boss, he hired me with average salary.

Q: What company?
A: Pickba Motor Sdn Bhd (wholesales)
also under
Setranics Sdn Bhd (Assembly)

Q: Location?
A: Centre Point Shopping Mall
Suite 1-7-E14, 7th Flr.

Q: What is my job?
A: Secretary - Admin, paper works
Sales services - part of marketing, selling 3-wheelers motorcycles

here the broucher

Q: Interested?
A: Do call 088-216223 (Nana) for more details.
email us for inquiries.

an empty office

Q: How many staffs?
A: 1 marketing, 1 accountant, 1 admin(me)

Q: How is the job?
A: 96% of leisure, surfing net, do own stuffs
4% of works

Q: How is the boss?
A: A damn nice and kind boss!

Q: Office hour?
A: 9am-5pm, 1 hour lunch+window shopping

End of my report :)


  1. Wah! Short and precise of introduction! Good! But, why your office seems like in darkness in some of the rooms?

  2. Wow! Such an awesome job you have now! And 96% leisure time that's too good!!
    Hope you enjoy your work :)

  3. >Wivinia: hahhhaha in front me is room for marketing. and the room beside one is boss's, they usually no in office.

    >konayachi: HEHE yep it is a wonderful job XD Everyone jealous about my 96% leisure time XD