November 30, 2012

The Sleepless Week

14-18 of Nov, Kc Lee and Lauren came to KK for holidays! Is a horrible holidays ahahahahah! The main thing was to do photoshoot for our Evangelion plugsuit. Due to the undone costumes, we forced ourselves to the maximum to get the costumes done! We stayed at Mbek's apartment at 1Borneo, and this was how the room turned...

The fabrics, pvc, glues, tools, needles, all over the floor!
If I not mistaken it was midnight time. orz!
haha that was Lauren making her shoes.

Mbek promised to go have fun at island, so we off to Pulau Sapi the next day :)

Bought some snacks with us, clothes, and tickets cost RM32 a return trip.
Extra fees needed for other tools rental.
This was the first time to this island, not a beach lover because afraid of darken skin.
I'm sure most of the girls have the same thought.
Crazy boat driver is CRAZY! Drive the speed boat damn fast! And talked so rude too!
I was all wet and my butt hurt like hell!

Yay! Luckily the sun was shy that day~
Thanks to Mbek for borrowed me her swimsuit~
Me and Kiku!

KC, a bear that can swim hahaha!

ok, beware the power of DARKSIDE!
Look at you own risk!



Not sure what Mbek tried to do...
SX13 O_O

We went back around 3pm, heavy rain...
Continue with our works...

Saturday.... DONE!
We had our shoots at Star City, an empty shop.

here some teaser~
All photos by KC Lee
Edited by Mbek

Mbek as Ayanami Rei.


More pictures coming and will be upload soon!
And also underwater shoots!
Such a very good experience to me!

Thank you Fluffeh for borrowed us the swimming pool :D
Thanks to his sporting father!

Also big thanks to Kiku and my beloved! Best saikang ever!
Muak Muak Muak!!!

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