November 24, 2012

Veet your hair

Such a long time I didn't login my blog. Forgive me!
Again, too busy with shoots and rushing for the coming event.
What event? good question! 
Will tell you later :9

Here I want to share what I Bought, and do a little bit
review about it.
I had thinking for so long to add something new in my blog, not to showing off, is to share~~
Don't you agree sharing is caring?
I apologize because my review/photos are not
those pro model picture :<

ok, let's cut it short!

product of the day: VEET
I tried Veet moisture creamy type before, for this waxing type, totally my 1st experience.
As I knew and heard it is hurt when you pull off the waxing sheet.
Now I definitely knew how HURT it was!
I yelled every single sheet I pulled!

 omg, my legs so hairy O_O

After pulled, hmmm much satisfied the result :)

There were 2 small "perfect finish wipes" 
It is to wipe off the wax on your skin after done waxing.
Its like an oily paper, but it can't wipe the wax off clearly,
I still need to wash with soap for few days.

I bought it from Watson during promotion :)
normal price is about RM28.

Do you VEET before?


  1. You should try the real waxing =w=b
    Baru syok high~~~ 8'DDD

  2. omg I don't dare! I'm afraid they will pull out my soul at the same time!
    You tried before???????????
    Which part of hair? oooppzz~

  3. Yeahhhh syok daoooooo 8'D
    Armpit & leg orz...

  4. GAHAHAHAHA!!!! oh no, armpit i cabut de... please dont try that part de hair.... never...

  5. Syok mang!
    I thought armpit wont be that painful since always cabut, ended up WOOOOOOO~
    You should try XD
    It's addictive /lmao!

  6. What the..... Sean u cabut armpit hair? Lmao okok will try but not gonna post my armpit in blog lulz!