January 3, 2013

The 50's Fashion -- Pin Up!

pic from Vintaged Radio

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As I know, Pin up is originally from America, during the war century.
At 1st pin up is an art in drawing and tattoos.
Now, its turned to a vintage fashion that famous until today.

There are many types of pin ups! Such as: Rockabilly, old school, navy, military, burlesque, etc...
Even other countries pin up style, e.g Chinese pin up and Mexican pin up!

Chinese pin ups we can see from their cigar, beer advertise or calendar~
pic sources:

Some pic of Mexican pin up~
pic source: image google

 hmm, I am very sure I can be chinese pin up! 
HAHA! Because I have typical chinese face XD 

Ok, back to my topic :) 
I went to a Beach Expo last month, there were booths for martial arts, local tattoo artists, vintage cars, and more. When I saw the word VINTAGE CAR, the 1st thing pop out in my brain is PIN-UP!
There were 2 hot road cars and 1 cooper. And thus, I decided to dress up on next day.
This was my 2nd time dressed in pin up style, this time truly looked better.
I don't have any tattoo, so I asked an pro artist to make an air-brush tattoo for me~
He has 10 years experience in this career, find out more of his artworks 

Air-brushed a Cherry Boom for myself, it's only RM25~
He surprised that someone will dress up as pin up girl~
He said he normally saw in books and tattoos, never in real life. So must take photo with me. LOL!

OMFG! Sorry for my ugly poses! And sorry for hurting your eyes!
Please watch at your own risk!

'Hey, where are the vintage cars?'
IKR! I also keep ask and search for them!
Too bad due to New Year around corner, Police Traffic very hardworking, I guess that's why they
can't came to expo on 2nd day. I ish disappointed max.
Lucky there was a vintage motorcycle, the only one! So just shoot with it as much as I could :p 

Haha, my beloved also air-brushed a Rockabilly skeleton on his arm too~
So cute <3 p="p">

A photo booth! Tried it for fun!
Thank you Glide Models
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For me pin up looks gorgeous, sexy yet cute, naughty but feminine~
Totally different with pron or gravure...
Check out these pin up models, they totally cute!
Don't you think so?


  1. Now thats a pin up fashion I like!

    And Herman is awesome with his works, one of the best in Sabah.

    1. Oh Yeah~ Never look down our local artist XD haha, will do more pin up in future, practice make perfect!