November 26, 2013

Atomic X Madam

So sorry for the late post! Busy with my money changer work plus no internet at home :(
I have to go to cyber cafe or my bf house for interneting... D:

Here are some pics from the last teaser. Was a super last minute pop-out idea shoot. Me don't have much pin-up clothing, time to get more those outfit and sorry for the melted make-up. It was so hot at the playground orz.... Will do better make up next time! Pictures ready, I hope you enjoy~

At the same day, I also did another different style and era LOL! Luckily didn't take pic of behind the scene, totally cannot be seen! Did my hair (wig) and make up and... tada~~ enjoy~

Picture by Leanna Photography
Visit her site for more awesome pictures!!!

Last but not least, pic by Leanna's friend

That's all for today! 
thank you!

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