December 23, 2013


Recently I am very busy with my work! I don't even have leave to do my own stuff!
Plus I don't have internet at home, so hard for me to update my blog!
Because I need to replace my leave after back from Singapore trip in November.
Guess what, I went to AFA Singapore!
Finally I managed to attend AFA yay!!!
But overall just eye opening and window shopping...
Here were the pictures I snap with my own mobile phone,
so sorry most are selfie + not clear :9

Before the trip, I was busy with my own sewing costume~
So proud of myself that I managed to finish it all myself, and its my favourite character from
Sailormoon series...

from accessories,

and wig styling

Then, the journey begin...
let the picture tells you.

Yeah.... Popcorn yummy eat in plane.
The end for my Singapore trip ;)

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