July 23, 2008


yup yup! is Koren~
they came from far away to our school for social social with us~
i curi-curi went to the hall(with some classmates together)
and join their socialism~

they got dance performance at first~
1 street dance
2 tradition dances
everyone enjoyed very much~

they even mix-up their dance together!
creative creative!

after the performed,Yap and me start
took pics with some of the korean~
other pupils also did the same!

snap snap snap!!!!!!
snap with the prettiest girl!
omgosh! im far too dark compared to her!!
sob sob~~~~~~~

snap with the performers~
and cute kids~ XD

also my beloved >///<
now i knew what is love in 1st sight mean~~~~~
XD he is sooooooo cute! YHL!!!!!!!!
omg! and he did give me his email,name
and even phone number!!!
but...but.... how i gonna chat with him!!!
i cant speak korean!!!!

and my friend,Yap also have one~
named LSR~~~

haiz....miss him so much......

1 comment:

  1. Lolzzzzzzzzz........ Whoa..... berabis bah..... both you and Yap juz like a SMALL fans meeting up BIG superstar that day. So funny running here and there "catching victims" Bhwahhahahhhah.........