July 13, 2008

To The Kundasang ^^v

haha~ today(13 July-sun) i follow the Pu Tuo Temple went to Bundu Tuhan,Kundasang
to pay a visit for the orphan house....there are about 82 kids,the age is between 6-19 years old.
We donated food,clothes,and also $$ for them...The sister and those kids are so friendly~
they also performed 3 songs to welcome us~ Hence,we too sang back a song which we decided at last minutes(LOL). Even i also forgot the lyrics! =P

here the group pic *~*

a cute furry puppy at the orphan house~ XD

kids that played at the out yard..(LOL)

Later on,the day is still early.So we went to the Kinabalu Park(OMG,1st time i went there!)
We had to buy tickets for the entering,under RM1 for under 17 and RM3 for 17 the above.
Accidentally our captain(driver) counted me as 17 (giggling)! WAH!!!!!
Im turned back to 17!!!! WAKAKAKA! They all laugh at me of course...

Last destination is the Strawberry Farm~
omg! i love strawberry~ i brought a small pack of starwberry and a cup of strawberry ice-cream.

want some too? hehehe~

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