November 4, 2008

Happy Graduation To Kindergarden!

Does anyone know what the name for this kindergarden?
its location is behind the Pu Tuo Shi Temple...
Tze.... what what what..... =="

yeah! They were having thier Graduation Day!
at YAYASAN SABAH little auditorium.
Me with some PTS friends as volunteer,
help to decorate the hall.

Some other volunteers from temple...

Miew and Lai... OOOW!!!! i scared balloons!!!!! X(

Ting and me,haha... do nothing~ my favourite!

They tied the balloons together~

PEACE for work XD!

Miew,me and kai Xin...( does she named Kai Xin??? ==")

by Miew's handphone...
good quality.....

The ceremony began to start....

so we changed in PTS 'uniform' XD
prepare our performance later.... singing~

those kids dance ish sooooooooooooooooooooooooo

got one little kid jalan sini
jalan sana XD lolz....
orang lain dance,he played with his furry on his hand pula!
XD so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
everyone laugh with joy~

Last but not least....


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