March 28, 2009

Curry Rice

anyone eat curry rice before???

i saw many times of curry rice
in aimes.....
i really wanna try how it taste like
they got a special curry cube that
looks like chocolate

sini Malaysia
where got such thing!!!!!!!!!

so try using curry powder...

the taste....


u try make yourself la....

here how i made

the ingredient:

-curry powder

firstly,boil the water within curry powder
you can add cocolin together too

*you better put cocolin,otherwise your soup
will be taste like....
can i use crap??? LOL
haha,add cocolin will become sweet la

next,put all the sliced onions,carrots, and potatoes...

minimize the fire to keep boiling the soup.
put some ajinamoto and salt.
dishes can be served when the carrot n potatoes
became soft.



kari rice desu~~~~

it taste teruk!!!!!!!!
still eatable lar......

but my sis say taste great O_O"


i dont know la



  1. I think the curry should be more thicker XD as in pekat XD

    gewd effort chiaki *thumbs up

  2. AIyoh you ned more then just curry powder lah to make curry dish...there's ginger, garlic, lemon grass, santan etc etc etc...

    Try using curry powder mix like Maggie's Curry mix next has everything already mixed in to make a curry dish, also got step-by-step instructions on the back of the packet.

    Some meat in the recipe would also make it taste better.

    Or just drop by ButterBliz and ask Chef to cook a dish for you :P

  3. Nex> woow,it need quite a lot of Kung Fu! but still i want the curry like japanese T^T not curry powder found in malaysia.... adui.....

    LOL,next time i use curry powder from maggie lar! haha!

    thx yo Nex!

  4. massy>aiz GG bah.... i put too much water.... i did pour out some of the water..... haha! if not will become a very big pot of curry XD

  5. waaaaa....tauke masak kari!

  6. WOWWW, I cook curry before.......but the taste if different each time I make......

  7. meia> LOL ya bah.... 1st time buat kari~

    clerence> haha,woow.... nanti poison XD