July 5, 2009

Happy Parents' Day!!!!!!!!!

yesterday night~
our temple organized an event~
at kasigui temple


parents day~~~

waaah~~~~ me help them deco
at 4+ pm~
atatakai purple~
warm.............. =_=

we eat,sings,and play together~

me only bring mom~
daddy at Kelantan cant join us..
oka-chan n me~
look alike ka???

bro n his fren

my mom so SYOK XD

group photo~

after event...
the randomness start attack us

u jump!

i jump!!!!!


not only this,
at noon i went to do my medical checkup
for my new job
Publib Bank

is my 1st time for urine test.......
1st time i touched my urine OAO"

1st time to do X-ray
my 1st time top naked out from my house
ei, gt wear the clinic dress la LOL

ROFL my skeleton!!!


Happy Parents' Day~


  1. LOL actually if u wear white shirt, u just take off bra to xray

  2. aiz... i dono bah XD
    i was like sampalau... XD