December 31, 2010

Comic Fiesta!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

date: 18-19 december 2010
venue: Berjaya Times Square @ KL

heard of this event very the long ago...
and now, i had the chance to be there! XD
I can't believe my eyes!
the crowded, cosplayers, CF crews, photogs....
so much fun!
some more they are so friendly!!!!!!!

Day 1

*credits Amir*

so glad that i have my Moka Nee-sama that day!
was my 1st time meeting her but we were
like already know each other very well hahaha!
even bring me to photoshooting! LOL!

Day 2

*credit Blur*

So fun to meet Blur~
He is a very funny guy XD
there were a lot of Kagura cosplayers!
too bad i only manage to get one
to photo with~

too lazy to post pictures,
can view from my Facebook.

Soooo happy can met back the Sabahan
who study at West M'sia~
miss them so much!
will visit CF again in 2011!

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