December 26, 2010

Hobbycon 2010... yeah...

Hobbycon 2010 finally over~
Here some share from me hehehe :)

11 Dec - Day 1
Me as Mio
Don't Say Lazy version

once again singing performance
from me~
I admitted that i can't sing well, butthis time i sang
better than last year.
Frog voice never stop me from singing LOL

too bad its sold out when I go back

Solo cosplay competition...

AWESUM sister!


12 Dec - Day 2
Me as Kagura :3

and not CHUN LI!!!!!!!!!!

zzzzz..... I'm totally upset about this!
most of the people (random people)
called me CHUN LI!
"Hey Chun Li,! can we take picture with you?"
I was.....


back to the topic,

hahaha! EPIC!
Pedo Bear been cover!

special thanks to Kyanime members~
thanks for the support
also too part in the group competition!
well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

see ya in 2011!!!!!!
biggest wish is to have more
improvement in my cosplay XD

*all pics credit to the photogs*

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