June 29, 2011

Kyan!me Kuch!ng 2!

so sorry for the late update again!
oyes! and now i want to present
the 2nd time visited Kuching!
meow meow!

ei? why cake?
hahaha! this must be presented!
is my dearest friends! and also Kuching friends'
surprise birthday present for me!
and I'm sure you must can guess it out!
I cried...

haha! so embarrassing! WHO CARES!
This was my 2nd surprise b'day!
I think this is my lucky year XD
don't you think?

So much for you all!

The next day.

must not forget the famous cuisine
Then, we had a little walk around the city,
just near our badroom = Tune Hotel.

this flied into my eyes!


and 2 Gashapons

ok, almost 12pm.
We rush back to hotel and HENSHIN!

Touhou spread all over the world!

We met Tetsuro san!

He is a very cute guy~ He travels all around the world to make journal on cosplay conventions and maid cafes.
That's his job, and EVERYONE really jealous about his job.
Sponsored flight & hotels.
I jelly.
You can visit to his journal web HERE.

continued the gorgeous...

oh! found my twins sister!
and BRO!

Lance Lance, very hard to meet him,
I tell you 1st....

Kamen Rider fans!
but I'm not


This talented girl very MOE!!!


Anime Quiz
oh this is new to me, good contest~

the solo cosplay competition started...

and can't forget the epic moments...

and,group pic for Day 1

Night, I realized that I missed my panty hose
for the cosplay next day!
Luckily can brought the same colour!
Soxworld saved my day!

surprised! The event published on newspaper!
haha, can add up my paper-cut collection!

breakfast 1st....

Then we went back to the mall for a window shopping.
They having the Kyan!me Explorer game.
oh... looked fun!

Then we forced Edgar to try yukata XD

ok time to HENSHIN again.... and this time no one know what I cos as.. you will know if you did play Pop n' Music 18

thanks ed n gary!

hunt friends again...

love the self-made shirt <3

dearest Alex!

kuno with modern drinks LOL!

looked familiar or not coughcough*

pretty organizer! HIME DONO! KIM!

wow Tetsuro giving speech!

End for the Kyan!me~

the '15 inch' pizza =..=" IT IS 15CM! WAITRESS!

relaxing time in hotel...

Last day at Kuching...

the pathway

orz.. i forgot all the name!
is the cigarettes name!

camwhore challenge 1 : 5 persons

camwhore challenge 2 : 6 persons!!! WIN!

Top View : The Last Dinner

Is time to check in, we went back to hotel to get our luggage,
suddenly we shacked that our Prime Minister was there!
at Hilton Hotel! opposite tune hotel

we wait to snap Najib... due we can't control our nerves and yelled on Najib! HAHAHAH! He gave us a smile and Habbo waves XD!!!!!!!!!

ORZ, after the checked in, we had our last journey visit
the friendship park.

ok, before i leave, i planked.

yea... let's have a cup of tea before land on KK.

Miss Meowizen...


  1. Chiaki, can you teach my all the tricks people used in cosplays? Like those powder thingy you put on the face and colored eyebrows >.>

    For now, I need to know how too get red eyebrows, can teach me? :D

  2. coloured eyebrown? my fren taught me put some vaseline on ur eyebrown, then draw it with red eyeliner pencil. done.

  3. Can remove one right? That day I see my friend Zharif who cosplay the Kamen Rider character put some powder on the face, what powder is that?

  4. haha sure can remove! that is face powder, must put on face to cover up the pore, to make the face look smoother.

  5. Hi Chiaki san! Found your blog from kirameki cafe~ You're so cute! Meow meow! ^O^ Followed~ Hope can follow back so we can keep in touch~ *Wave paw*

  6. hello Kona~ thanks for viewing~ oyes, i had follow u dy XD

  7. Can tell me which kind of brand or type of vaseline I have too buy? I wonder around Kuching, found some but reluctant to buy because scared buy the wrong type >..<!!!