July 4, 2011

Cosfest = Singapore


Hmm... how to start my story...
Is my 1st time fly oversea with a Passport...
and the 1st location - Singapore.

This was very new to me, gave me a
form for non-Singaporean.
one word can described me = SAKAI

Tool me 2 hours 15 minutes to arrive.
Luckily girls beside me moved to back seats,
haha I can easily sit near window~
searching for Laputa

Is this Singapore???

seriously, SG airport is very damn HUGE!
Firstly i walked all the way followed the elevator

I thought I already passed 5-6 of it,
but still haven't reach my luggage. Started panic
and keep asked people around...

yea, finally I found my way~
and met Justin who pick me up to chalet.

Some of the bitches~
HAHA so much love!

wow.... nice place....
view from balcony
damn! didn't bring my swimsuit!
That's for Day 1

Make up time!

sadly no one know what I cosplay as...
oTL.... realized one fact, no Keroro fan in SG.
People thought me cos Railgun *scream*

is angol Mois from Keroro Gunso series orz
the little Alien girl~

photo crdt : Raz

everyone HENSHIN!

tons of people in the event hall~

tons of cosplayers!

GINTAMA fan mode : ONs!


tons of photographers

tons of otaku-s

tons of booths

LOL congratz to Angie got flowers
from secret ojii-san fan XD
I still wonder why 7...

after the event, time to hunt 'cheap' dinner
haha epic moment with Chupa Chups

little japan cuisine

thanks to Windy & Fariz for a Bugis walk XD

we found this interesting shop

End of Day 2
Woke around 6am

they got Gundam shoot
@ Marina Bay

mbek & me went a super comfort air-con-ed toilet
for make up!
because we also have EVA shoot later on
as Asuka Langley

mbek my Rei partner
photog: Sihan

ok, cosplayer hunt again

oh the bitch at the left,
is my oldfolk classmate! We school, play, and dance together!
So much good memories with her at past.
So happy can met her back in SG!
She works in SG about 2 years already...
Surprising she came to the event to pick me up!
as promised will stay at her place~
so much love!

Happy can meet Tetsuro san again!!!!!
He walked here and there all alone...
haha introduced him all the friends I knew
too bad I can't speak Japanese, felt sorry left him
alone then..... I think he used to it...
Most honor thing happened!
I met my IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in REAL!!!!!!
Xrystal is a very awesome cosplayer for me!
from top to toes all made by herself!
and she is a very nice and warm person XD
sorry i kept scream LOL! too much excited!

epic face

ok Day 3, Cosfest 2011 ended just like this...

10am, the bitch come pick me up from chalet.
Bye-bye to all my lovely roommates~
Will stayed with Yuki for a night~

after put my 'rubbish'
explore activity started with a double bus

to the busy-branded-streets

ah SG centre point!

We had awesome lunch in a luxury restaurant
so yumm yumm!

LEGO picture for my bro, haha sorry cant effort to buy~

my 1st time saw Haagen-Dans restaurant LOL!

nice menu

then, continue our journey...
they said this mall got tons of otaku shops
and yes, I found Otaku House!
remembered I joined a cosplay contest. HAHA

Most touching thing, found a casing for my X10
and it is RILAKKUMA casing!!!!!!!!!!

to the famous spot

too bad i don't know that i need a whole day time to walk all the Universal Studio :(
so just end up shoot outside...

cute version

cool version

Went back, bath, later on bitch gonna bring me to clubbing!

this clubbing street very awesome!
there tons of foreigners!

so much love with the pub!
no smoke! sing Chinese songs some more!!!

I don't drink, but I drank 3 bottles Heineken that night.

over midnight we back and sleep.
The last night in SG,Day 4 (Monday)
8am I told Yuki I must go to the pouring-water-lion statue~
oh yeah!

tons of humans there

Jason, Yuki and Me

there is also mini lion

this building also one of the spot
err, I just remembered that they called it Durian

lunch time~

explore to find the limited Nike sport shoes that Jason so mcuh want it~
thus, tried SG laksa at one of a mall
laksa that only using spoon to eat.
together with a speacial milk tea+milo.
totally full........ Burp.

Finally, time to go home

bye-bye Singapore

after for hours, home sweet home...
showed what I bought in SG

The End of Day 5 (Tuesday)

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