June 9, 2012


7th June 2012

My 23 years old Birthday!!!
My beloved was the 1st gave me present~
A pretty necklace from Lazo Diamond <3
I love you!!!

6th June, I went to Kirameki cafe as usual
for dance practice.
Suddenly, a cake with surprice for me!!!
hahahahah thank you~
really unexpected!

I wish.......

Very big thank you you guys!!
very happy and appreciated!

Also some gift from them XD awww
strawberry chocolate cake & strawberry porch!
and this
A present from myself. Lucky arrived in time~
The Kyarypyamupyamu Studio Ghibli BGM
music edited with lovely, energetic version~
I brought a shampoo with 50% discount!
and a strawberry shower gel (member only)
The shower gel smell very sweet!
feels like i bathe with candy!
Zumba ticket one is sister's and another one
sister brought for me!
ZUMBA + EAT!!!!! 16th june!

7th June
Ang Pow from parents as gift ^o^
wear new shirt+skirt on my birthday day!
close up look!
sorry no makeup, no hairdo. I am lazy.
At night
Sister treat me Sushi at Wojamama, Lintas.
with her bf and mama too.
but actual size =_=
And then, epic moment...
Joanna appeared with Pedo helmet!
holding the script of
Amber stand beside holding camera recording!
Shariff came in, Birthday song played! LOL
Lastly, Ceres came in with a cake!
omg!!! what a big surprise!
Thank you so much for the gift! touched me a lot!
totally trolled!
here the video Amber recorded.

*pic above credit to Amber*

Thanks again everyone :'D
Really have a great Birthday for me!
Love you all!

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