May 21, 2012

-Prince of Wales Island- P.2



part 2

Morning, Pin drove us to a food court station.
once again, THUMBS UP!
nice dumplings, hokien mee with wine (kaw), some kuih
that i dono what to call.

Then, continue walked the heritage area.
Standard Charter Bank. So antique building.
Saw a cash deposit box. The guard said its
about 200 years old. oh my god...

An Old Clock Tower, a gift for someone...

To the seaside...
woa............. haha Sabah alot of salty water too.
kinda feel like at my own hometown~
up to the car we went to

The fort...

HAHAHAHA we found love...

hahahahahahahahaahaha so 'big'
Penang Bridge!
to Butterworth

once again raid the 2nd hand shop!
so damn CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
went to a photoshoot spot.

A 'parking' railway station.
It is not abandon station. Yes, is true.

ok, time to go back.
We went back Penang by ferry.
I called my father, said the Penang Bridge opened (separated in half)
and needed to wait the ferries to go through for 20mins.
My father teased me by saying can jump over the bridge using an umbrella.
I just knew that I was wrong after Pin and other passengers
parked their cars on the ferry!
So I called my father again, explained
that we went back by ferry. The bridge cannot be open in half!
yeah, they just laugh at me...

Dinner. Surrender.

Night, Pin drove us to a beautiful mall.
We found Charlie Brown Cafe!
I though the KLCC's is the 1st Snoopy cafe.

Walk walk walk....
A port that just Sutera Habour, KK.
But this is far too beautiful + luxury!!!!!!

Back to sleep.
Snap what I bought~


Pin working.
Thus, Kana planed we walk by our own.
To Kek Lok Si!

SUBWAY is a must at West M'sia!

Window shopping at 1st Avenue Mall.
We saw the lunch set at SAKAE SUSHI was tempting.
Let's have a try!

I am totally SAKAI mode!
*sakai: sabahan language/is to describe a person that feel curious on something
which he/she never see or feel before/with full of surprise.
There is an ipad on every table, which you can order food with it.
Refillable hot water just beside the table, for your green tea.

We took a bus at Komtar to our destination.

Kek Lok Si is located at countryside,
a long stairs to walk up to the hill.
We can see the Guan Yin statue very clearly at bottom :D
Very nice view....

the biggest among all. and its separated...

going up...
papa & Love
kuya & bro

fuh! tired....
took bus to go back Komtar.
1st time having Baskin Robins~ sweets~

Movie time!!!!

We bought a soft drink and mini hotdogs~
Kana & Sakuya choose Thor.
And me choose Hulk, for my beloved :D

The movie was so great~ funny & emo.
walking back to hotel for a short rest.

Me thinking to try out Penang Roti Canai.
So we decided to Kassim Mustafa restoran after had survey the broucher.
Kind of disappointed, roti canai sold out.
But still satisfied!!!!!!!! *_*


Saw alot of opposite sex prostitute while walking back hotel.
Honestly, KK Ah Gua prettier :'D

A snap before sleep.



Before start, we went to buy souvenirs(food).

We heard people said the biggest mall in Penang is
Queensbay Mall.

ok! Let's go!

Takoyaki for start, fuh! WIN!
Penang Bridge shoot from far..
In front of the mall

Front view of mall
Window shopping~
really huge, kinda tired to walk....

Dinner was NANDO'S

Then, we went back hotel by bus.
Having rest before Pin came to bring us for 2nd round.
Yes, we really scared of her poisonous!
So she bring us to Clinic Cafe HAHAH
Very nice place for dine + shoot! SHOOT!
uuuurrrggg so jealous!

kuya & Pin hidden under the table.

walk around to burn fats.
A beautiful new mall with colourful fountain at night.
The middle is a old church. Can photoshoot after payment!
So beautiful.....

Last round,
MUTTON SOUP!!!!!!!!!!
is a mamak stall beside the road.
They sell various of soup.
All the soup are... KAWKAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A snap what I bought :3


A very much thank you to the hotel receptionist,
arranged a cab for us to airport.


Bye-bye Penang!
Really has a great trip!


Chiaki as the spectacle
Sakuya as Hello Kitty spec
Kana as MuaThai
Pin as Tobacco

* scrip*


*special thanks*

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