May 19, 2012

-Prince of Wales Island-

Last week I had a great vacation
with my friends
Sakuya & Kana, to:-


My beloved George sent me to airport.
Felt bad gonna left him alone at Sabah.
Promise will buy him souvenir ^^

After 2hrs40mins air plane journey,
we arrived safely and I made a new Penang friend,
named Pin Khor who is a best pal for Kana.
She was our tour guide~
A crazy one XD

1st destination was a Snake Temple.
too bad those snakes were having their morning nap.

Then, Pin drove us to our hotel
Chulia Heritage Hotel.
A high recommend hotel from me!
nice service, good location, beautiful and reasonable price~

ok, time for lunch.
After packed our baggage, Pin brought us for lunch
at the nearby restaurant by foot.
Seriously is a strategic place we stayed!
All the delicious food were just nearby! heritage places, shopping mall & bus terminal too!

rojak that will make you cry...


hot weather


fuh! stomach almost explode!
luckily we walked, still can burned down those yummy food.
then we went to SUN YAT SEN base.
-RM5 entrance fee-
The base aka house all originally left for centuries till today.

fan suis still functionable.

erm..... random on the antique stairs.

wow! the parking payer~
how nice....
Next, Peranakan Mansion.
-RM10 entrance fee-
fuhfuh!!! This place is a must visit place in Penang!
A damn rich Governor's mansion with many-different-cultural-rooms.
the best thing is you can have photoshooting there *_*


HUGE dining table with 'cctv'
'cctv' to see who in out from front door
another 'cctv' to see who come up/down from upstairs

Chinese culture dining room
WOMEN do at home... sew

A new couple wedding shooting.
Presents from visitors for the house master.
very valueable antiques.

Chinese new couple bedroom

dressing rooms
centuries of sewing machines
looked at those embroids, all were handmade! fuh!
huge music box!

nice~ luggage
ancestors room

walk, walk, walk
the 'branded' cemetery, with alot of 'branded' people buried.
some of the name can be found HERE.
Is free to go in at day time, who want photo session or visiting ancestors.

continue walk....
Pin said wanna bring us to taste BlackBalls.
Is dessert dishes, at Prangi Mall.
Its look & taste like ZenQ,
also a dessert dishes at Lintas, KK.
But this much more YUMMY!


Part 2

coming soon!

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