September 3, 2012

24-28 August

2 days for me to upload all the pictures. HAHA

Here you go~

my trip ;P

Drop baggage, this was my prop for cosplay.
Thanks sis for packed it.
Thank God it no broken at all!

kinda bad weather...

after 2h30m...

Thanks KC for fetched me from airport.
I stayed at Devilyn's room, at Sunway.
It was 24 Aug.

The next day...

25 Aug
Q-ed for tix, then meet up with my dear partner.


me as Princess Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles

together with my dear Sakura cn by Eclair~

We both so pink on that day hahaha
not much people know which version we cos actually,
so here i will show you the pic

hahah~ pink so cute~
thanks Raz for the awesome pics, and Poh, and others photographers.

Tenshi No Cafe.
A well-known maid cafe in KL, located at 1Utama.

SHE IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can find her HERE!

camping here awhile...

changed.... walked around Sunway Pyramid.
saw this cute food.

Pizza in A Cone??

Won't forget a Hot Chocolate from Pacific Coffee...

walked back at 7pm
thank you Eclair for the gift <3
feel bad that i didn't have anything as gift for her...

what i bought...
souvenir for friends

Elianto concealer stick & loose powder.
cheap cheap got discount XD

26 Aug

me as Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magical Girl
photo by Kenneth Tee

somehow photoshoot pic not yet out...

ok, Breakfast! DAMN STARVING!!!!!

after breakfast, get back to the event hall.
saw Kappy as Queen omg so gorgeous!!!!!!!
love it so much!

everyday i can listen OPPA GANGNAM STYLE song!


and its not small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANT!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for the owner allow me to hug n take pic~


when i went to meet up my friend, saw Eclair hahaha

raid from 2nd day.

27 Aug
My friends and I planned to visit Melaka.
thank you Shona for bought the bus tickets early.
Its RM24 go and return.

can you see what time we start our journey.

according to Shona, Sunway is very far from the bus station.
so we need 2hours early to take taxi and LRT to reach station before 8am.
Meet up Josephine. haha long time no see her dy~

camwhore inside the bus

about 1h30m to reach Melaka. rain!
so we had breakfast at Mahkota Parade.

In the shopping mall


luckily, the rain stopped. ok! start walking!

hahahahaha remembered I did the same pose when in Penang?
here you go! Melaka version!

witch who tired to fly!

Antique fireman car.


Sang Kancil

the food tasted as same as my hometown :/

complete map with RM5

after ride the cruise, we went to hunt some dinner.
we tried the chicken rice ball, asam pedas fish (good!), and cendol with gula melaka.
sorry no pic cus my phone was dead at that moment.

then, we took taxi to go back bus station before 8pm.

reach home, pack!
Heading back 28 Aug
thanks again KC fetched me to airport at 530am.
I am very sorry orz!
thank you Shona for company me to airport~
miss you so much!

Will be there in December!

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