October 4, 2012

Selamat Menjadi Kuya!

15th September 2012
Ceres aka Sakuya's 21st Birthday!
Some friends and I were been invited to her lovely little 
Birthday party with her family~
She had set a dresscode for the night,
which is :
50's - 80's fashion!
haha! And so everyone was looking retro that night!

Me choose to be 60's with slim dress and beehive 
for the night!

Here are some pictures I taken from my handphone :)

 My love one with me

 Cute bohe Aster <3 p="p">

 the b'day girl in 50's Pin up look~

 another pin up by Jna

ignore this....

the birthday cake for the night!
fruit yam yum yum

 with the hippie Clarisa. Love her stitches so much!

 everyone having so much fun!

 Go Green! with Massy!

 The 80's kinda rock & roll Marissa!

Beck with sweet polkadot dress~

sorry for not much pic,
very busy with eating haha!

Wish Sakuya all the best!
dreams come true!
Pretty always!

btw, here is her blog~


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