December 11, 2012

HOBBYCON 2012 (Happy & Sad)

Do you still remember a post that I mentioned how busy I was?
There you go, what I was busying all for this event --
Hobbycon 2012
(8 & 9 Dec 2012 @ Citymall, Kota Kinabalu)

This is the schedule for 2 days event
I have half day work every Saturday :( Thus, I was late arrived and rushed to my booth prepared for the all star march. Lucky it delayed due to wait for the VIPs. 
Yea! My booth, with my another partner, Mbek named 7 Colours, we sell handmade stuffs and her artworks :) She can draw very well!

Firstly, I apologized for grabbed other people's photos! Is because I was very busy preparation, this and that, selling, I don't even took pictures with other cosplayers ;_; 
sad...... So, I here credits to the people who took these pictures.

I cosplay as Sayaka Miki from Puella Magical Girl Madoka.
haha sorry incomplete costume! Is hard to work with gloves!
forgive me!

yes, red carpet for All Star March.
To whom joined march gonna queue up and walk out/ catwalk by pairing, while the emcee introduced the character you cos.
here I was! With my partner in same series, Erina as Sakura Kyoko!
yeah! That is Becky, cos Erza from Fairy Tales. She was the most epic in day 1!


Then, the activities started...
appreciation for VIP and sponsorship.
colouring competition, eating competition, performances...

A very surprised moment!
Friends from Kuching not only came for support + visit, they also brought a 
RAINBOW CAKE for Hobbycon!
How sweet they are!

Awww, getting more love to Sarawakian <3 p="p">

This year we had a lot more cosplayers compared to last year!
Well done!
haha nice cosplay of the Hobbycon mascot, Adam & Eve by Robin & Sakuya~

Kiku, the best saikang hahahah! So cute!

Actually I mixed up all these cosplayers photos of both days at here.
Very sorry!

Random moment after the event...
HAHAHAH riding the electronic animal was fun!

that day also my friends, Cubex & Airin wedding night!
unfortunately I can't attend their wedding :(
had practice our group competition for the 2nd day.
Once again Congratulation!


Tired and most disappointed day for me :( 
Will tell you the story.

Busy Sakuya~

Becky & Erina, costume for their dance performance
video is up HERE in our KKB88 channel :3
have a look~
These the only pictures I took with my camera orz...

Before I changed to my costume, I been waiting for the mob that my friends planned for long,
the MJ! We cancelled the mob at 1st because most of the people didn't show up, but at last we managed to find about 12 people and make it happened!
The choreography followed from the MJ ps3 game .

 Thanks for all the crew! You guys are rock!

After the mob, me rushed to the changing room and pop!

me as Asuka, and Mbek as Rei from Evangelion (plugsuit ver.)
Costumes sew by Mbek, and some small parts by myself :D
Getting ready on stage!

Only 3 groups participated, 
-we, Evangelion
-The Ironman 
-Yip-yip family from Sesame Street

and surprisingly we won the 3rd prize!
hur? What? When they announced our name, our face started turn sour.

1st runner up, the Yip yip yip.

and yes, champion goes to Ironman.

OK, let me tell you something....
the theme for this cosplay competition is 'SAVE THE WORLD'
We did the full skit with props, with storyline, with complete audio, even bring up Angel.
As for Ironman, just go up stage with bing bang bang fighting each other with audio copy and paste from the movie then dance Perfume song.
Worst goes to yip yip, 4 yip yip with a piece of cloth went up stage just yip yip yip all the way in front of a microphone! AND THEY WON 2ND PRIZE! GREAT, just YIP YIP YIP then SAVE THE WORLD!

I don't know you can open this link or not, but here was the yipyip's skit.

And this was the ironman skit.

I can understand that Ironman well known by people and save the world is their job. Worse thing was our friend told us that we and Ironman have same marks, also said that our costumes above average, THEN WHY WE IN 3RD PRIZE?????

 The organizer gave some idea regarding the competition theme, and so yip yip yip can save the world, what is the point giving this?

I'm not blaming anyone or feel butthurt, I just feel unfair! All our effort..... money...
weeks of sleepless night! Invited 2 non experience judges from Singapore, and our local cosplayer, Jna. Jna should understand because she used to join competition before and also armor maker. But for the 2 Singaporean, 

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE! They have no experience as judges at all, even the coscard/shoots also not nice only joined competition for few times but failed. I don't know why invited them, should asked for experienced judges from KL, and I bet is cheaper compare to these Singaporean. They judged with their point of view, because of yipyipyip was cute and yip all the way can entertain the audience thus got high marks. Cosplay competition is about costumes and impress judges, not audience! We are not performers! 

these 2 girls said:
-The preparation for the skit took too long, shouldn't let the audience wait.
-We were too rushing and nervous.
-Our skit got laggy, not smooth.
-We rely too much props.
-We got 3rd cosplayer on stage.
-Our story was too complicated, audience can't understand.
-Limited movement.

My friend and I were.... speechless... We did the standard skit, of course need time for the stage set up! Too rush? Nervous? I never feel nervous on stage! OK! Yes, We admitted that our skit got laggy a bit because of the cable can't stick at my back, but we managed to catch up and complete the whole skit. RELY TOO MUCH PROP? What excuse is this?! The 3rd cosplayer they mentioned was the Angel Zeruel, HEY THAT IS PROP! NOT COSPLAYER! Then what about yip yip? they were 4 aliens! I'm sure for who watched Eva sure understand our story, again, to impress judges, not audience! Or you want us to speak Sabahan, dance Lady Gaga, Sing Rasa Sayang & State Antheme then you call this a good skit? Why I'm saying this? Because the 2 girls skit were like this during their WCS selection, no wonder they can't went through.
You can watch HERE.

Limited movement, HEY IS NOT EASY TO WEAR TIGHT PLUGSUIT, YOU BOTH COME AND TRY IT, AND TRY JUMP UP AND DOWN FOR ME! But the thing is we moved very well on stage. Same goes to our friend Becky (the one cosplay Erza with big wings and armor), she only won 2nd prize in solo cosplay competition. She made all the costume herself, burned her fingers, the 2 girls said her skit was boring and limited movement. For the solo champion was Timothy cos as SOA, fighting with a big box very extreme. Question of mine, isn't the person behind the box is a cosplayer too? shouldn't have extra cosplayer, right? 

The biggest mistake is, the solo champion's costume is not self-made! Buying costume online and won 1st prize~~~ :'D HOW WONDERFUL~~~~~

Sigh, my 1st time of competition so much sadness....
Even hurt was the Ironman happily told us that they just go up for fun, BUT WE ARE SERIOUS! 

I though this is the last Hobbycon, guess its gonna on going to next year...
I think I just selling things, have fun and earn money hahaha!

Lesson learned: Do not join with inexperience judges.

 (**means: Come again)

HERE the video for the event. 
Nice vid credits to Jackwhk81~

Any comment from you? Do tell me.

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