December 17, 2012

Memorable cards

While I cleaning my room, found this kept for years until today :D
I like to collect these small cards with different of anime pictures, meaning wordings, views, etc.
Usually ordered it from Yinho or Massive, its a catalog ordering through mail from KL.
I think its still exist because I still can see the catalog at friend's house!
I used to write something at the back side and sent it to my pen-pal, or gave it to my dear classmates.
And theses are from my friends which I kept it, never throw away :)

oh this!
hahahahahahah is a name card! also ordered with the similar method.
Firstly choose the picture/series that you like,
then write down your name, contact number/address, and some wordings that you can see on top of the card.
Here are some that I still keeping.

Such a nice memories when you look back those old stuffs.
Don't you?

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