December 18, 2012

Favourite Idol : SHE

picture from google image

A pop singer from Taiwan: Selina, Hebe , and Ella.
I love them since primary, influenced by my eldest sister.
Then start collect their album until today!

 Some of my collections.

 This is a cassette, was from my sister.
too bad its broken, can't play anymore.
But I still keep it :D

 The lyrics~

And here are VCDs
brought it myself during secondary, saved my own pocket money 
just for them! I used to buy VCD rather than CD, because VCD is cheaper (around RM30, cd around RM50) and VCD can watch their every MV songs!

 A cd, theme song for their Taiwan 7-11

Then, DVD started take over VCD.
new songs+ best collections for this album.

And now...
Don't know why, the cover changed bigger than past.
Even the price is more than RM50!
I brought when its got discount (evil grin)

FM SHE album


SHERO album

 oh Love Hebe the most!

Another one I wanna buy is their concert DVD!
(save money)

I only love when they sing together, now Selina and Ella married,
Hebe goes solo, although they did released solo album each of them, 
I didn't buy them..... 
Heard a good news that they will reunion and sing again!
I'm waiting!!!

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