December 19, 2012

Shading (打网) in Manual Way

While cleaning up the room, found this I kept for years in my bookshelf.


Do you know what is this?
Is the Shading paper (网纸)

As I know shading paper is sticker form, which you cut it out and paste on the manga draft paper.
The only place I know that can find in Malaysia is at Kinokuniya Bookstore.

Mine are photocopied on normal A4 sized paper.
Before have these, I never shade my own drawings. I am curious how to do shading as same as the manga. I don't know firefox, google chrome, even photoshop! 
I love write letters, I had few pen-pal friends. I knew some of them also love to draw, they were from West M'sia. They also did their own doujin manga :D They sent me some of their drawings and books, and that moment I realized they shaded their drawings! So I asked them, so kindly they shared the knowledge to me, even sent some of the shading paper and taught me how to do it. Also told me that can search other style of shade through internet, even can make your own by using photoshop!
From then I knew internet, and photoshop 1. 

Thank you my friends.
Too bad we didn't keep in touch anymore :/
thunder for shocking scene

night time buildings for background

flowers for clothes pattern, or romantic/happy atmosphere 

and MORE!!!
Let me show you some of my drawings used these shading paper.
sorry not much though...

 The 2 parts I pointing are using shading paper,
sticked at the back.

you can see the different colour of paper.

 OMG My old own manga! So embarrassing!!! 

Ah, I still remember these were for my pen-pal's doujin use.
We tried to make a book like 'Comic Weekly', 'Gempak' with many sections included.
And this what I in-charged.
LOL! so funny!

 ok, all dumped into recycle bin!

 Now let me show you how to use the shading paper~

Firstly, must prepare a craft board, craft knife, and a craft glue.

My craft knife looks like this.

Ready a complete drawing that you want to add shading.

Cut out the section using craft knife.

Choose the pattern and cut it out.
Make sure it is bigger than your cut section.

Put craft glue around the section.
(sorry I put too much >_<")

Smudge the glue all around the section. 

Paste the pattern on it.


Wait until it dry, then you can cut other section that you want.
Be careful when you cut through the glue that haven't dry properly!

Lining again, and DONE.

Anyone want my shading paper? Willing to give away~
Just drop a mail to

If no, then I give away to the recycle bin :'D


  1. hi Nana! you are doing great job on the comics. yeah i am living in korea now. :) do take good care hope to see more updates from your blog. <3

  2. All these while I manually make the shadings. :P

    1. Read your blog, wow nice drawing there!!! May I know where you from? :)

    2. Where am I? the bustling Inanam town. :P

    3. OH! I lived at Penampang~ I watched your dA~ Saw a McD girl, I bet that is Massy~ seems like you went Hobbycon too :D What a small world.