February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Mbek~

16 January = Mbek's birthday
She invited some of her close friends to celebrate her b'day at 12 Jan,
at her mother's apartment.

We had potluck style, I brought some red boiled eggs. 
Red eggs means birthday, but most ppl told me is for wedding.
hmm, I think it's actually means happy/good event (喜事).

So much fun and enjoy by watching Ted

But the most epic moment was Mek's self made birthday cake...
haha pretty decor, very obvious is a chocolate cake...

the sisters, Becky & Moena busying stick the candles on cake.
I bought the candles, luckily colour matched so nicely!

group pic the must!

ok.... the epicness....


She can't cut through the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we all laughed die!!!!!!
The chocolate too much and that's why the cake as hard as rock!

yea, we still managed to cut and eat it...
It tasted GOOD! 
not sweet at all~
1st time made consider good~

As for her present...
I gift her a little box of Angel cookies.
custom made by The Rolling Panda Bakery from Kuching!
They packed it very nicely, none of it damage.
Only one day delivery from Kuching to my house!

We are big fans of Evangelion~
wahaha the cookies soo cute!
and tasted good too!

if not mistake I asked for chocolate butter?
It's not too sweet at all~

*Berserk mode ON*

om non non non........

You want to order custom made cookies just like I did?
Go find them now!

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