February 19, 2013

The Bohe Chick

edited by mbek 

Inspired from Asia Top Search Model.

I love the way their heavy make up, hairdo, and the stylish fashion!
Thus suddenly pop out an idea to shoot a bohemian style.
I love bohe style too lol

from hair to toes dress up by my own, 
I think was a not-bad combination~ 
Much love especially my accessories and shoes,
beads are dayum nice!!! 

Much thank you to my friend, Mbek, for the fabulous make up!
Even taught me a lot in make up~
and her camera too, sorry its raining, 
can't managed to get nice photo at the sea side.
So we went to Fullhouse for dinner + the rest of shooting.

Few shoots were considering satisfy :/

here some pics that edited my me :'D 
hope I didn't spoil the picture... 

More pics HERE.

 Miss you always :)

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