August 21, 2013

Kyan!me~ 2013

Is already 2 years I didn't visit some friends at Kuching.
So this year, managed to get myself cheap tix and flied to meet my old pals~

Such a nice weather that day, we reach there earlier that we expected.
But our backpacker Stay check-in at 2pm,
we walked around the heritage after put our luggage around 930am.
Fuh, is getting hotter at Kuching, we were sleepy and melting.

We thought Kyan!me was at far away shopping mall, 
with surprisingly, it just damn near our hostel! 

Saw some Sabrina's (special guest) pretty prints.
We bought 2 prints and a T.
^^ love purple~

Maid cafe? 
oh, Music school...

Sabrina spotted~
Nice sailor Neptune~

When I no cosplay,
fan girl mode ON hahahaa!!!

MY LITTLE PONY )(@%&)(%&*+_*%+_$@


Luxury lunch with friendss <3 p="">

Beside me & him, there were 2 more Sabahan also pay visit Kyan!me
Yoshi & Kana~
HAHAAH so much laugh with them!

Day 2, me as Hinata Natsumi from Keroro Gunsou!
Thanks to Irtea for lend me the vest.
Sorry for the messy wig I did ;_;
tried my best to trim & style the wig.
Thank you Yoshi also help shave my wig ;w;
This is how its turn due to last minute job. Forgive me!

Yoshi & Kana 
Persona 3 game
haha so cute!

6pm, we went back hostel to change and packing ready to leave.
This is a very very rush trip for me, I didn't have time to enjoy all the cheap yummy food and hang out with Kuchingians! ;___; But still happy can met you all XD

So I heard this is the last Kyan!me..
Will remember all the memories with you all... 
Me still will come back next time XD

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