September 23, 2013

Otafuse 3 Happened

An mini event everyone was waiting for ended joyfully!
So much fun meeting up friends and cosplayers XD
This time I be a fangirl haha costumes all not done yet in time.
I am too lazy~

I got myself a booth to sell my own collections -- Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise
With my dear selling stickers.

Ok, let the pictures tell everything ;)

Kiku & me

Moena & me

Chibi Maguro & me

cute Sheroline 

Epic of the day XD

Itasha Bike :O

Next day, I had dance performance with my group KKB88!
Thank God I managed to finish everything...

Forgive my plain make-up

Did I look like 16 years old girl? NO?

Okay I failed oTL...

Full body~

All belongs to Pharell....
Brought one of Asuka revoltech for myself XD

Other Awesum People!

Game corner

Japan Society

Here was my group 
Pic credit to Zero Yong :)

Here our dance performance

And my solo dance performance

Vid credit to Erina ^^v

We also have our own page~

We are not very active thought, but will appreciate from your support!
Will do better next year!

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  1. I almost lose control when Juice=Juice song played for your group dance performance. :P

    1. ROFL!!!! you there that day? should come greet us XD