December 22, 2014

Osaka-->Kyoto-->Ohara 1.0

Ohai I am back! for blogging!
Finally I have my own laptop! No need to use pc at cyber anymore~
Thank you my hubby (muaks)

Last 2 months, we went to Japan trip.
with his siblings~ 
So same as usual, picture time!!!!!

(scroll scroll scroll)

My very 1st time ride on huge flight! 'sakai' mode ON

Touched down Kansai airport

Pokemon Centre!

So love their toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok time for walk around~~~

The Host Club 

street artist everywhere

Kyary is everywhere!
Da da da da Invada!

Behold The Burger King
Taste: same as normal burger, just black colour only =_=

Next day

cute melon

wild wasabi

huge tuna head!

 A street similar as Akiba where you can find a lot of Meido cafe here. 

Yes we went to this! 
One of famous cafe~ 
Cute meidos and such warming welcome to all the guests~
We even feel *blush* hhahahaa
Nice feel~

Meet our friend sabahan who studies at Osaka~
We had movie outing together!

Met Sakuya~

Next day

Their houses are small, mini size vehicles, small house yard.
Yet there still can plant trees and flowers.
I love how they occupied their small space.
Should let from them Go Greeeeen!!!

hehehe cute pugs

(to be continue...)

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