December 23, 2014

Osaka-->Kyoto-->Ohara 2.0

Next destination --> KYOTO
the oldest town in Japan

So love Kyoto!
Vintage, classic, quality, ALL IN!

We stayed at this backpacker
Workers were friendly and nice~
Very clean!

Seriously, the whole trip most delicious meal was
The eggs the meat bacon all melt in your mouth!

Shrine everywhere!


They all rent bicycle and cycle around the street.
Only me can't ride bicycle *sobs*
Stay at hotel...

Next morning, we went to YUMEYUKATA
rent kimono for a day~

Walk walk walk~

Met German couple in subway~
Had a nice talk and took picture together~

The Love Shrine

And here...
He proposed to me!!!!!!!
How sweet~~~

Next to OHARA

(Osaka--Kyoto--Ohara 3.3)

After Ohara 1 night stay, we went back to Kyoto.
Managed to walk the old town Gion in time!
And stalk a Geisha! haha

Evening, we head to Kansai Airport by bus.

Stayed a night at airport, camping style lol
Ride our flight at next day early morning~

Will come back for you next time,

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